Lochte Talks Reality TV, “Leaving Things in the Pool” on Leno

Sporting a dapper suit, Lochte spoke about a possible career in reality television, and his penchant for leaving things in the pool.

Olympic gold medalist Ryan Lochte made a splash on “The Tonight Show” Thursday, addressing reality television show rumors, and his penchant for leaving things in the pool.

Sporting a dapper suit, Lochte gallantly allowed actress Kristin Bell to don his five Olympic medals, which she wore throughout the interview. Earlier in the show, Bell spoke of her enthusiasm for the Olympics and jokingly claimed that a lot of the Olympic events looked “easy.”

Host Jay Leno started off the show by getting Lochte, 28, to clear up rumors of existing bad blood between him and teammate Michael Phelps.

“We have a great relationship, we kind of leave everything in the pool,” Lochte said.

Leno was quick to take the bait.

“You know, I’ve heard you kinda leave things in the pool,” Leno quipped, referring to an interview Lochte had with Ryan Seacrest, in which the Olympian confessed to peeing in the pool.

“We’re in the pool for six hours straight,” Lochte reasoned. “We’re not going raise our hand in the middle of a work out be like ‘hey, coach, can I go to the bathroom?’”

The Florida native also spoke about a possible career in show business.

“If they asked me to do ‘The Bachelor,’ definitely I’d consider it,” Lochte said, adding that he would have to discuss it with his family first.

In addition to "The Bachelor," reality dance show “Dancing With the Stars” was also on the swimmer’s radar.

“I did, in college, I took a dancing class,” Lochte said. “I got an ‘A,’ so you know what, I think I’d be pretty good at it.”

To see more of Lochte, check out the clip below:

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