James Franco Hosts Last “SNL” of the Decade

James Franco brought his Spidey sense and more to "Saturday Night Live" this weekend as the guest host of the last "SNL" installment of the decade, taking on the roles of everyone from James Dean to a meat-headed frat boy in an episode that also included a surprise cameo from boxer Mike Tyson.

Franco opened the show with a monologue about his new gig on "General Hospital," poking fun at his turn on the soap as a dramatic clip from "GH" aired. Franco, known for his film career, has spent the past few months starring on the ABC program as an oversexed twentysomething caught up in the daytime drama.

The "Spiderman" actor brought serious laughs to a sketch that saw him play a young James Dean alongside Fred Armisen's Liberace in a mock Vincent Price Christmas TV special. The Price sketch also featured Kristin Wiig as Katherine Hepburn, who gets rabies after she's bitten by an errant raccoon.

Franco joined forces with Andy Samberg in a segment that saw Franco play an idiotic frat boy hazing a new pledge, haranguing the fraternity's new addition with hard-hitting questions. "Where do babies come from?!" Franco's frat boy yells at the new pledge. "Answer that!"

Boxer Mike Tyson stole the spotlight from Franco early in the show, when he attempted to keep a straight face as he guested on Kenan Thompson's recurring bit "What's Up With That?" Kristen Wiig also stole a scene or two during this week's episode, as she produced another hilarious "Lawrence Welk" segment that featured her tiny-armed "Judy" character dancing in a Christmas episode of the variety show.

"SNL" also found a way to work cult MTV hit "Jersey Shore" into the program, poking fun at "Shore" character Nicole "Snooki" Polizzi and her "pouf" hairstyle.

Franco was the show's last host of 2009 and the first adult actor to host since Joseph Gordon-Levitt three weeks ago. Teen favorites Blake Lively, Taylor Lautner and Taylor Swift have also played "SNL" host in the past five weeks.

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