“5 Browns” Dad Pleads Guilty to Sexually Abusing 3 Daughters

The father and ex-manager of chart-topping classical music quintet “The 5 Browns” will face the music for sexually abusing three of his daughters when they were kids.

Keith Scott Brown pleaded guilty Thursday in Utah to a felony child sodomy count and two counts of felony sexual abuse of a child in incidents that spanned between 1990 and 1998, The Salt Late Tribune reported.

Brown was charged last week with sexual abuse. His daughters Desirae, 32, Deondra, 30 and Melody, 26, gave permission to the Tribune Wednesday to reveal they were the case’s alleged victims.

Brown managed The 5 Browns until three years ago, according to the Tribune. A source told the paper the Brown sisters called the cops on their dad after finding out he planned to again manage child musicians.

"We can confirm that Keith Brown has been charged with sexual abuse involving his daughters," Kimball Thomson, a spokesman for The 5 Browns, told the Tribune in a statement.

The classical piano musicians are members of The 5 Browns with their brothers Ryan and Gregory.

They became the first family of five siblings ever accepted to New York’s prestigious Julliard school of music, according to The 5 Browns website. Their three albums have all gone no. 1 on Billboard’s Classical Album Chart.

Keith Brown and his wife Lisa are currently recovering from injuries sustained in a car crash earlier this week, according to the Tribune. Brown faces a sentence of 10 years to life behind bars, People reported.

The 5 Browns said in their statement they would continue with a planned tour.

"One of the greatest sources of joy and satisfaction in each of their lives is the opportunity to share their favorite music together — and with fellow music lovers throughout the world," their rep told the Tribune.

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