Try These Bites Past Your Bedtime: K-Food, Meatballs, and uh, Bacon-Wrapped Pork Pelly

Alright, guys, listen up. Lets be honest with each other, okay? When you're out "on the town," enjoying a few libations, you're eventually going to want some munchies. However, we also know that eating late at night usually involves grease, cheese, and some kind of meat that may or may not contain pink slime.  
However, the savvy late-night biter knows that a midnight menu can contain more than these, the most base of options. If you don't mind the journey, late night can offer some of the tastiest treats that you'll have all day! Next time you're out and about, try these local eateries. 
7505 1/2 Sunset Blvd / Hollywood
Walking the neon-drenched streets of Hollywood can inspire some mean munchies, and Toi on Sunset is here to serve! Paying tribute to the "merciless history of Hollywood's rockbands, movie stars, and hit films", Toi claims to serve the freshest Thai food in Los Angeles. While here, make sure to try the honey duck, which hits all the right notes.
1001 S Vermont Ave / Westlake
One of the staples of late-night food is Korean, and Hodori in Los Angeles is no different. If you're willing to brave the line, you'll be rewarded to some of the best K-food in L.A. Their mission statement says it all: “Bring me your tired, your poor, your huddled drunked masses yearning to be fed. Open 24 hours, Hodori, a true monument to the Korea-town lifestyle, never turns away a stomach in need. On weekends at four in the morning, there's often a wait. And while that may seem like an eternity to a starving drunk, there's something to be said about a place that can keep those drunks lined up.”
1101 Geary Boulevard / Downtown
The phrase "adapt or die" simply does not apply to this San Fran institution. Claiming to be the city by the bay's "original hof-brau," Tommy's Joynt has remained steadfast in their opposition to change in both cuisine and decor. Offering classic American food at decidedly retro prices, Tommy's will take you back in time.
560 Divisadero Street / Downtown
If you're looking for something a little more complex in the early hours, stroll over to Nopa. Offering urban rustic food and specializing in organic wood-fired cuisine, Nopa looks to stimulate your palate rather than stuff your gullet. With options like Moroccan Vegetable Tagine, Housemade Pappardelle, and Rabbit Loin, this late-night hot spot caters to the culinarily seasoned insomniac. 
84 Stanton Street / Soho
With locations in both Soho and Williamsburg, the Meatball Shop is all about choice. If you can get past the plaid and carefully constructed facial hair, you'll be treated to late-night bite that may justify the line outside. Using dry erase markers and laminated menus, patrons get to customize their meals from meatball, sauce, cheese, to side. Make sure to get the family jewels: a fried egg thrown on top of your meatball sub.  
162 Avenue A / East Village
Chef Garrett Eagleton's restaurant in the East Village is all about old school. Using a produce-driven menu with retro-style cocktails, this hidden gem aims to add some sophistication to your late-night indulgence. The menu offers small plates with paired cocktails, such as fried sweetbreads and Calvados. 
937 North Rush Street / Near North Side
Bacon-wrapped in pork belly. Once more, BACON-WRAPPED IN PORK BELLY.  Late night, I can't imagine anything that could be more satisfying. Its website touts a menu that offers "progressive American cuisine with global influence, whimsical interpretations, and a focus on textural contrast." Head chef Nick Lacasse calls that pig plate "bacon squared", which is paired with frisee pickled fennel and kumquat gastrique. Also, in case you missed it before, bacon-wrapped pork belly.
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