Jackie Earle Haley: Freddy Krueger Makeup Was Killer

Jackie Earle Haley might be one of the most grateful actors going after yet another return to the screen. But he still complains about the long hours in the make-up chair to play the new Freddy Krueger on "A Nightmare on Elm Street."

"Wearing the make-up for Freddy was grueling," Haley said in a press conference for "Human Target" his new Fox program. "It was a great experience, but at the same time, it was pretty harrowing in terms of the make-up." 

Sitting for hours as artists created the charred Freddy-look were followed by "uncomfortable" hours on the set for filming.

The overdone state only made Haley appreciate his work on as Guerrero on "Human Target" all the more. "We were doing ("Nightmare") reshoots over the Christmas holidays and I have to tell you, I started to miss Guerrero," says Haley. "It made Guerrero just seem all the more pleasant."

Which is not to say that he's done with future Freddie makeovers. "If it’s successful, I would imagine they’d want to make another one," says Haley. "I’m pinching myself that I’m getting to work and to work on so many different genres."

Haley will follow his comic-book turn in "Watchmen" with a performance as Sinestro in the upcoming "Green Lantern." Both comics were published by DC.

"I purchased some stock in the DC Universe," he said with a shrug. "I guess I got some good buddies over at DC."

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