Caught on Cam: Escalator Malfunctions After Flyers Game

Flyers fans experienced a scary moment after Saturday’s game at the Wells Fargo Center when an escalator suddenly malfunctioned.

Meghan McGreevy told NBC10 she attended the hockey game against the Ottawa Senators with her fiancé. As fans began leaving following the Flyers’ 3-2 victory, McGreevy says she suddenly saw an escalator speed up. McGreevy captured cellphone video as the escalator suddenly accelerated, sending fans tumbling down.

McGreevy told NBC10 she didn’t witness any major injuries following the incident. [[374453841, C]]

Ike Richman, a spokesman with Comcast Spectator, confirmed with NBC10 the escalator malfunctioned and officials immediately closed it down.

“We immediately closed it down to protect our patrons and notified the operator,” Richman said. “We are working with the operator on investigating this incident. We did not use that particular escalator during tonight's Sixers game." [[247269581, C]]

Richman said repairs were made and the escalator was operating normally for Sunday night's Rihanna concert.


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