Raiders Coach Faces New Abuse Allegations

Randy Hanson is loving ESPN today

Raiders coach Tom Cable is facing new off-the-field allegations after an ex-wife and an ex-girlfriend told ESPN  he physically abused them.

The women have court documents, photos, police records and a letter one claims proves he is an abuser.

The charges hit the Web Sunday morning, just hours before the team's kick off in San Diego. The Charges won, 24-16.

Cable told The Associated Press on Sunday the only time he struck a woman was more than 20 years ago when he said Sandy Cable, his first wife, committed adultery. Cable said in a statement he slapped her with an open hand and he's "felt sorrow about that moment ever since."

Cable's anger issues have been in the news since early August, when Randy Hanson, one of his assistant coaches, claimed Cable assaulted him and broke his jaw.  No charges were filed in that case.

ESPN's "Outside the Lines" talked to Sandy Cable, who started dating Cable in high school.  She produced a letter which she claims her then-husband wrote apologizing for hitting her. 

Former girlfriend Marie Lutz said Cable hit her three or four times. She also produced an Alameda police report from January of this year.  The report reads more like a woman scorned than a woman abused, but it proves police were called at least once during their relationship. (Link of report inside ESPN story.)

So just when the Raiders coach thought his troubles were strictly within the 100 yards of a football field, ex-lovers enter a different kind of arena.

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