Artifacts Saved From Notre Dame Blaze

Several religious artifacts were saved from the blaze that charred Paris' Notre Dame cathedral on April 15, 2019. Paris Mayor Anne Hidalgo thanked first responders and firefighters for forming a human chain to get some of the artifacts to safety on Monday. See what was saved from the blaze.

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The Crown of Thorns purported to have been placed on the head of Jesus Christ at his crucifixion and bought by King Louis IX in 1239 is seen at Notre Dame Cathedral in Paris on March 21, 2014. Regarded as the cathedral's most sacred relic, Hidalgo said it was saved. It is made of rushes wrapped into a wreath and tied with gold filament. Since 1896, it has been kept under glass and only occasionally displayed. Paris Deputy Mayor Emmanuel Gregoire said it was among pieces quickly transported to a "secret location" by officials after the fire.
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A view of the tunic allegedly worn by St. Louis seen on display inside Notre Dame in Paris on Nov. 29, 2012. Hidalgo said that the tunic was another artifact saved from the blaze.
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Firefighters work near the Rose Window of the Notre Dame cathedral Tuesday, April 16, 2019, following the devastating fire Monday night in Paris. Experts are assessing the blackened shell of Notre Dame to ascertain what artifacts can be saved and what has been lost in the blaze.
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Philippe Lefebvre, 64, plays the organ at Notre Dame cathedral on May 2, 2013. The impressive organ dating to the 1730s and boasting an estimated 8,000 pipes did not burn and is intact, but nobody knows yet whether it was damaged by the heat or water. "The organ is a very fragile instrument," Bertrand de Feydeau, vice-president of the Fondation du Patrimoine which protects France's cultural heritage, told The Associated Press. He said the organ has "incredible" sound, with "very rich colors," and there is a waiting list of more than two years of organists wanting to play it. Each pipe was individually cleaned during a 2013 refurbishment.
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A trio of stained glass windows stand mostly intact inside the damaged Notre Dame cathedral in Paris, Tuesday, April 16, 2019. The three famed windows date to the 13th century. The director of the United Nations cultural organization said it's too early to tell whether they are unscathed. Audrey Azoulay told The Associated Press that art experts haven't yet been able to assess the site yet after the blaze, though she has received encouraging reports. Notre Dame is part of a UNESCO heritage site.
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Candle stands, chairs and other artifacts are seen saved from the blaze that burned down a part of the Notre Dame on Monday, April 15, 2019.
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