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Radars Show Birds Trapped in Eye of Hurricane Matthew



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    Hurricane Matthew on Oct. 7, 2016, at 12 a.m. UTC.

    Meteorologists say radars are showing birds flying inside the eye of Hurricane Matthew, apparently taking refuge from the storm's winds. 

    The center of the swirling hurricane was showing "biological returns, probably birds," according to meteorologist Jeff Last.

    One Atlanta meteorologist said on air: "Those are seagulls and birds that are flying inside the eye of the storm, trying to escpae the strongest part of the storm which is in the north and northeastern center of it." 

    Winds are calm in the eye of the hurricane, USA Today reports.  

    The newspaper cites bird expert Kenn Kaufman, who explains: "The birds get into the end of the hurricane's spiral and they move toward the eye of the hurricane. They may not necessarily do that in any organized way; more likely they’re out there in all this wild wind and when they chance into the calm of the eye they may make an effort to stay there and travel with it rather than fighting the winds again."

    A slightly weakened Hurricane Matthew was continuing to pound northern Florida and crawl up the Atlantic coast Friday

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