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2nd Nurse With Ebola "Felt Funny" During Ohio Visit: CDC



    Amber Vinson, 2nd Nurse With Ebola, "Felt Funny" During Ohio Visit: CDC
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    A CDC official says a Texas nurse who has Ebola indicated she "felt funny" and spent extra time resting during a visit to Ohio in the days before she was diagnosed in Dallas.

    Dr. Chris Braden says the woman didn't have typical symptoms of Ebola when she flew to Cleveland on Oct. 10 or when she visited family in Akron last weekend. But he says health officials can't rule out the possibility that her illness began last Saturday, or possibly earlier.

    Officials say they're monitoring the health of 16 people in northeast Ohio who had contact with 29-year-old Amber Vinson.

    She had treated the Liberian man in Dallas who died of Ebola. The timing of her symptoms is important because people infected with Ebola aren't considered contagious until they have symptoms.