Williamsburg Waterfront Park Re-Opens Month Early

A chorus of public space activists and lovers of open space, including myself, were up in arms last fall over Gov. Paterson's shuttering of Williamsburg's popular East River State Park.

He closed the gates to save the state some money between January and March, and to be honest, most of us barely noticed. Regardless, now comes word from the New York State Office of Parks that the gates were opened on Sunday - a whole month early.

Assemblyman Joseph Lentol worked closely (read: intensely negotiated) with the Friends of the State Park to come to this point, and said, “We were glad that State Parks and local community groups like Friends of the State Park were willing to work with us to accomplish this and look forward to working with State Parks in the future to ensure that this kind park closing never happens again."

Now quick, run over there and set up an army of snowmen before they can change their minds, now that spring is just around the corner.

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