Wild Video Shows People Dance Atop NYC Subway as It Crosses Williamsburg Bridge

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Shocking new video posted to TikTok shows a group of people standing, walking and even dancing atop a moving subway train as it crossed the Williamsburg Bridge.

The subway surfers, eight in all, recorded the footage themselves. Police said the group was riding on top of a northbound J train Saturday evening as it made its way over the bridge.

The group appeared to be laughing and having fun as they rode on top of the train, but now police are looking for them in connection with what they describe as -- and what has been proven to be -- a potentially deadly act.

The NYPD has stepped up enforcement around subway surfing in the past following a series of incidents.

In 2015, three children were busted after riding on the back of an uptown express train. In 2019, a man with a history of subway crimes was caught riding the outside of a 5 train in Brooklyn.

More recently, a 32-year-old man died in October 2021 after falling off a J train — the same line the latest people recorded themselves riding. Hundreds of similar incidents are reported each year.

While the video is alarming, commuters didn't seem terribly surprised by the stunt. They said recent violent subway crimes had them more concerned than a group of teenagers trying to make a video go viral by recording a stunt.

"The subways have been feeling very unsafe lately and definitely that's more my concern than a couple of kids having fun," said rider Tim Casentini. "What are you gonna do, put rails on top of the subway? It's not gonna work."

A police investigation into the latest case is ongoing.

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