Sexual Predator Drags Woman From Outside NJ Starbucks, Startled Off by Nearby Voices: DA

Police in West New York, New Jersey, are searching for a man who allegedly tried to rape a woman after she left a coffee shop on the Hudson River waterfront last week, authorities say. 

The suspect grabbed the woman as she was leaving a Starbucks on Riverwalk Place at about 10 p.m. July 15, the Hudson County prosecutor's office said. He dragged her into nearby bushes and began to assault her but ran off when he heard voices nearby. 

Hospital workers checked the woman for signs of sexual battery, and prosecutors are looking to see if they can match any DNA picked up from the victim's clothing. 

Neighbors say the development in the area is safe and well-lit, but the path across the street is usually deserted after sunset.

Women said they would take extra precautions after hearing news of the attack.

"I'm a little more reluctant to come down here at night to grocery shop," said resident Jin Kim. 

Hina Ali of Union City said while the path and the stairs where the alleged attack took place are normally her quickest route home, she planned to take a detour for the time being. 

"I would walk all the way -- a mile -- and take a safe route," she said.

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