‘We Need More Of This': Passengers Play Impromptu ‘Kickball' Game on NYC Subway

A New York City subway car became a playing field of sorts on Saturday, as straphangers took part in a spontaneous “kickball” game.

The game, which took place on a Queens-bound A train, kicked off in Manhattan around 5:30 p.m., passenger Angela Jackson-Flibotte told NBC New York.

A video Jackson-Flibotte captured on her phone shows passengers laughing as they pass the small green ball around to one another.

“This went on for a better part of an hour,” Jackson-Flibotte wrote in a Facebook post. “New people would join as other players would get off the train.”

Passengers were still kicking the ball back and forth when the train arrived in the Rockaways, she told NBC New York on Sunday.

“No one needed to be asked to participate in [the game],” she said. “Everyone would just kick the ball if it rolled near them.”

The New York City resident was struck by the camaraderie she saw during her ride.

“It was not lost on me that given today’s anti-immigrant climate, here was a train car of every kind of ethnicity and age group, movin’ and groovin’ in the same rhythm,” she said. “We were all in sync and having a fun time.”

“I am an open-minded person and I just needed this,” she added. "We need more of this right now."

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