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Unbelievable Video Shows JFK Pipe Explode Where Woman Was Sitting Moments Earlier

"It collapsed exactly where I was sitting to work -- where the flood actually began"

A woman working at John F. Kennedy Airport was lucky not to be drenched in brown water and debris after a water pipe burst over her desk just seconds after she moved.

Unbelievable video shot Sunday by Hallmark Aviation Services employee Jonathan Chiu shows a co-worker working on a desk in Terminal 4 Sunday when they notice the pipe line above her leaking onto the counter.

Chiu pushes that co-worker and another colleague out of the way as more brown water started pouring down. He yells at people to run -- then the ceiling collapses, sending debris falling and gunky water gushing down. 

"It collapsed exactly where I was sitting to work, where the flood actually began ... thank God I ran though, would've been covered in that!" his co-worker said. 

As the liquid spills over the terminal floor, one passenger runs into it to save his luggage, while others run away in a panic.

It was later revealed that it was a water pipe that feeds a sprinkler system in the privately operated Terminal 4 that broke, causing water to flood the terminal and significantly disrupt operations.

The pipe break sent about three inches of water gushing onto the floor of the terminal. Video shows streams cascading from a ceiling and people slogging through pools of water.

Power to affected areas was shut off and additional staffing and busing operations were deployed to help travelers, the Port Authority said.

The authority said Monday it would investigate the water pipe break that added to the weather-related delays that caused a nightmare weekend at Kennedy Airport and will "hold all responsible parties accountable."

The situation added to the misery piled on travelers after a winter storm blasted New York on Thursday. Passengers were kept on planes and waited hours to retrieve luggage as flights were delayed and canceled, and a backup to get to terminal gates built up.

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