New York

NJ Transit Investigates Video That Appears to Show Bus Driver in Street Brawl

NJ Transit is investigating a video that surfaced in which a bus driver appears to be fighting with a young man on a sidewalk in Essex County.

The video, posted to Facebook last Monday, shows two men next to a parked NJ Transit bus, taking jabs at one another. One of them appears to be an NJ Transit bus driver.

According to the video’s caption, the driver left his bus unattended when he got off to engage in the dispute.

At one point the driver is knocked to the ground by the young man, who then runs away. The driver gets up to chase him down the street before returning to his bus, the video shows.

An onlooker can be heard in the background shouting to the driver: “You know you shouldn’t be doing that because he’s a minor, and you could be in trouble.”

It’s unclear if the young man was riding the bus before the fight broke out.

NJ Transit told News 4 New York that the bus driver involved in the fight was immediately taken out of service. They say a thorough investigation is pending.

The incident comes less than a week after a video surfaced apparently showing a machete-swinging MTA security guard in a Manhattan street brawl. The security guard was arrested by police a short time after the video was recorded, authorities said. 

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