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Utility Workers Help Relocate Osprey Nest Found on Electric Pole in NJ

Workers from Jersey Central Power and Light very carefully moved an osprey nest atop an electric line pole in Monmouth beach Saturday morning.

JCP&L crews performed the delicate operation as part of a new environmental program in Monmouth and Ocean counties to relocate osprey nests that post a danger to the birds as well as to power supplies should they accidentally trip a line.

The utility company also plans to build platforms to encourage nesting away from power lines and add deterrents in areas where nests are removed.

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Saturday's move had an extra twist — all of the linemen involved relocated the birds for free. The linemen volunteered their time for one of their sons, Michael Hornung, who took it on as part of one of his Eagle Scout projects.

Hornung tells News 4 that pat of that experience is respect for the environment.

Once it was removed from the electric pole, the Scouts were given a chance to examine the nest, where they found remains of recent meals including shrimp and crab shells.

The nest got a new home on a pole the utility company erected across the street. The hope is that when the ospreys return in the spring, they won't mind the relocation and they'll get back to business making eggs.

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