2 Arrested in Bronx Birthday Party Murders

Victims Were Teenagers

"How does a party for a one-year-old turn into a shootout?"
That's what Gladys Wright reportedly asked, after finding out that her 16-year-old granddaughter, Quanisha Wright, had been shot and killed Sunday morning, along with 15-year-old Marvin Wiggins Junior.
Early Monday morning, police announced two arrests for the murders:  24-year-old Robert Mitchell and 20-year-old Dexter Green.
Both men are Bronx residents, as are the victims.
But it's not clear whether they knew each other before the violent confrontation early Sunday.
It happened at a baby's first birthday party, in an apartment at 1776 Weeks Avenue in the Mount Hope neighborhood.
  The suspects reportedly returned to the party with a gun after one of them was beaten up for touching a woman inappropriately earlier in the evening.
A 20-year-old woman was shot in the arm, but her injuries are not life-threatening.
Quanisha was a student at the Bronx Leadership Academy, according to the Daily News.
 "She'd just had her first kiss.  She was growing up and loving life.  She was a wonderful kid," said her father's fiancee, Kenya Graham.  "She was such a good child."
Marvin was shot while shielding someone else's mother from the gunman, according to the Times.
"He did a courageous thing," said a woman who identified herself as Marvin's aunt.
  "Everybody loved that boy," said his father, Marvin Wiggins Sr., in an interview with the Post.
"I said, 'Marvin,' don't leave me," Mr. Wiggins said, after finding his son had been shot. 
"He said, 'No, Pop.  I'm never going to leave you.'"
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