TSA PreCheck Members Can Skip the Admission Line at The Meadows Music Festival

TSA PreCheck Fast Pass_EDIT
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Long waits, winding lines and cumbersome security requirements have long been a staple of airport travel. TSA’s answer was PreCheck, an expedited screening program which allows participants who volunteer personal information in advance to breeze through security with a 5-year $85 membership.

Now music festivals, which have also been plagued by irksome entrance lines, are taking a hint.

The upcoming Meadows Music and Arts Festival taking place Oct. 1-2 in Queens is the latest music festival to partner with IdentoGO, the enrollment provider behind TSA PreCheck.

TSA PreCheck members attending the concert will be provided exclusive use of a “Fast Pass” entry lane, allowing them to skip the general admission line, said a spokeswoman for IdentoGO. They'll still be required to pass through venue security, which is not associated with the TSA. 

Non-members daunted by the long lines will have the opportunity to register for TSA PreCheck on site, so long as they bring proper ID and complete a 10-minute fingerprinting process. The spokeswoman for IdentoGo says the company enrolled over 400 music fans at the CMA Music Festival alone.

Following its success at CMA Music Festival in Nashville and Ozzfest in California, IdentoGO says it will track how many fans use their Fast Pass lane during the weekend’s music festival for the first time.

TSA PreCheck has enrolled over 3 million customers since launching in 2011, giving IdentoGo a large pool of potential Fast Pass lane participants at concerts. 

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