‘The Whole House Shook': Truck Crashes Into Home in Greenpoint

A delivery truck careened into a house in Brooklyn early Tuesday, officials say.

The truck slammed into the home on Russell Street in Greenpoint at around 3:40 a.m. according to firefighters. No injuries were reported, although the three-story house had tenants inside at the time.

Video from the scene shows the box truck lodged onto the sidewalk and it appears it also sideswiped two parked cars.

The owner of the home compared the jolt she felt to living through an earthquake in California.

“We were sleeping, the whole house shook and wake us up,” Lorraine Kenny said. "I lived in California I’ve been through earthquakes so it kind of felt a little bit like that."

The driver was being questioned at the scene.

The Department of Buildings is on the scene to determine whether the house is structurally stable and safe for residents to go back inside.

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