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Heavy Rains Drench Tri-State; Tropical Storm Joaquin Looms on the Horizon

Heavy downpours waterlogged the tri-state overnight, marking the first signs of a gloomy pattern of weather ahead of a tropical storm predicted to swirl its way up the East coast. 

Heavy downpours began drenching most of the tri-state Tuesday night, with heavy rain expected into Wednesday morning's commute, several days before Storm Team 4 says tropical storm Joaquin could make landfall.

The heaviest rain will hit the city and areas north of the city through 8 a.m. Wednesday.

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Reports of flooding from the first bout of rain were minimal, but puddles and wet sidewalks could be seen across the region. 

Lingering storms are possible later Wednesday as the wet weather pushes its way out. Then, on Wednesday night temperatures will plummet into the low 50s.

Storm Team 4 says temperatures won't recover much Thursday, with the high only hitting 50 degrees amid showers. Thursday's conditions should be among the driest over the next few days.  

After that, Storm Team 4 says the weather gets a little bit harder to predict. Tropical storm Joaquin is currently spinning in the warm waters of the Caribbean and could gain strength as it makes its way up the east coast.

Current models suggest that the storm could strengthen to a hurricane before making landfall somewhere between North Carolina and the Delmarva Peninsula to the north, but nearly every state from North Carolina to Connecticut is in the storm's so-called "cone of uncertainty."

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If Joaquin does make landfall or glances the tri-state, conditions could be worse, Storm Team 4 says. Heavy rains, coastal flooding, beach erosion and strong winds could all be possible.

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The heavy rains will be welcome for much of the region, which has been experiencing moderate drought conditions.

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