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Single People in the Tri-State Area Say They Hate These Things the Most

If you have been trying to find love based on mutual interests, you may have been doing it wrong this whole time.

At least that’s the concept behind dating app Hater, which matches people based on the things they hate the most.

Seem like something you may be into? Here’s how it works:

The app provides love seekers with 3,000 thousand topics to swipe on to indicate whether they “love,” “hate,” “like,” or “dislike” them.

The topics range from selfies to slow walkers and ‘NSync, and plenty of subjects in between.

Hater has compiled data from its over 500,000 users to determine which topics singles in American states hate the most.

Some of them make sense, like “waiting in line,” and others are just kind of out there.

These are the things singles in the tri-state area hate the most, according to the app:

  • New Jersey: Jellyfish
  • New York: Times Square
  • Connecticut: Winter

New York and Connecticut seem about right. But really, New Jersey? Jellyfish?

You can find out more about dating app Hater here.

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