Workers for Bankrupt Ambulance Company Unexpectedly Locked Out

Dozens of paramedics for an ambulance company that recently declared bankruptcy said they were left in the lurch Friday morning, finding company had closed up shop one day after they were promised they'd have a job for another month.

Several workers at Transcare, the private ambulance company that serves four hospitals in the Bronx and three in Manhattan, along with others in the Hudson Valley, said that they were turned away when they showed up for work on Friday.

The company had declared bankruptcy on Wednesday, but ambulances were still running Thursday and officials had told workers they'd be open for another 30 days.

"Everyone thought it was 30 days," said EMT Jessica Perez. "There's no 30 days, obviously, because it's closed."

She added, "They shut the doors on us."

One NBC 4 New York viewer said in a tip that his wife, a Transcare employee, was told that she would continue to work as the company winded down operations. When she showed up to work Friday morning, the doors were locked. 

"The way this has been handled is atrocious," the viewer said. "Many people relying on their check today are unable to collect."

In an email from the company forwarded to NBC 4 New York by the viewer, the Transcare management team said in bold letters that operations "have NOT been immediately shut down."

NBC 4 New York has reached out to Transcare for comment, but the company hasn't returned calls Friday.

The FDNY said that the closure of Transcare shouldn't affect anyone in the Bronx or Manhattan who needs an ambulance. 

The state Attorney General's office says it is aware of the situation, though it's unclear if any labor laws have been violated. 

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