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Tornado Touched Down in New Jersey, National Weather Service Says

The National Weather Service has confirmed a tornado touched down in Warren County, New Jersey during Thursday's storms. 

The EF-0 tornado touched down near White Township and skipped along a path nearly 3 miles long, damaging a barn and a home, and shearing the tops of trees.

The owner of the barn, Tom Smith, told NBC 4 New York he saw the black funnel cloud spiral toward his 20-acre farm Thursday afternoon.

"The first minute is silent. And they say it sounds like a freight train -- it doesn't, it sounds like 10 freight trains," said Smith. 

Smith was out in the field with his two dogs, cutting hay, when the force of the wind picked up his 150-pound St. Bernard, who survived with just a scratch. Then the storm turned toward the barn, tearing it to pieces. 

"I watched the whole barn disappear," he said.

The stalks of corn across the acres of farmland were flattened, and a tractor-trailer tipped over, along with a hay wagon and 40-pound bales. 

"I am lucky to be alive," he said. "For anyone who is watching, it's no joke." 

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