Jersey City

Toddler in ICU After Falling 2-Stories Out Window; 2nd Child Window Fall in Days

A toddler fell out of a second-story window on Long Island Sunday evening, the second incident of a child falling out a window in the tri-state in two days.

The two-year-old fell out of the window just before 11 p.m. at a house on Ivanhoe Place in Valley Stream and landed in the driveway, police say.

The child was stable, but was in intensive care a the hospital. The fall did not appear to be criminal, but the investigation was ongoing, police said.

On Friday evening, a 3-year-old boy tumbled out a window in Jersey City and fell three stories onto the pavement below. A neighbor was told the little boy was leaning on the window screen and it had fallen out.

That child was rushed to hospital and was listed in a stable condition. 

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