These Are the Most Popular Baby Names in New York City

Know a lot of Liams and Emmas? You're going to meet some more

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If New York City's most popular baby names look familiar, it's because the new list is almost the same as the last one.

For the third year in a row, Emma is the city's top name for girls (497 out of 53,927), and for the fourth year in a row Liam (764 out of 56,516) tops the boys' list, the city health department said Wednesday.

In fact, the entire top 10 for both boys and girls remained basically the same in 2019 versus 2018, except for Sarah and Alexander falling off the lists.

Liam in particular has been so dominant that, from 2016-2019, one out of every 79 boys born in New York City carried the name.

Last year's full list:

Most Popular Baby Names New York City, 2019
TOTAL BIRTHS53,92756,516
Most popular NYC baby names of 2019, per the NYC Health Dept.

Total births fell more than 3 percent in the city last year, the health department noted. The data are reported about a year in arrears, so it will be a year or two before any signs of a COVID baby boom (or bust) show up in the numbers.

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