The Morning Note: Sponge for Brains?

Woman Claims Doctor Left Sponge in Her Head

A forgetful doctor who allegedly failed to remove a surgical sponge is the reason why a Queens woman will be wearing a helmet for the rest of her life, according to a report on the New York Post.  Mary Pober claims in a lawsuit that Dr. Ron Alterman forgot to remove the sponge during an operation, and was forced to operate again after she developed a severe infection. The second surgery left her with nothing but a layer of skin covering her brain.

Princeton Students Drink Up

Proving there's a difference between book smarts and common sense, 13 Princeton University students were hospitalized for alcohol-related illnesses on Friday. The Daily Princetonian said yearly club initiations usually cause problems, but that this year's number was higher than usual.  In all, 16 students were treated.

Who Tattled on A-Rod?

A-Roid, A-Fraud, A-Wrong, A-Hole ... and the list just of nicknames just keeps on growing for the troubled Yankees third baseman who allegedly tested positive for steroids in 2003. Meanwhile all eyes are on another list of possible snitches. Everyone has their suspicions, including the New York Daily News

Mom Who Drowned Kids Not Going to Prison

The Long Island mom who drowned all three of her young kids last February is expected to plead not responsible by reason of insanity in court Monday. Leatrice Brewer drowned her two boys and one girl in the bathtub. Newsday reported that the father of two of the children was "shocked" that Brewer would avoid prison time.

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