The Morning Note: Get Half-Off Your Parking Ticket … Really!

50 Percent Off Your Parking Ticket!

Something is better than nothing.  At least that's the approach one Long Island town is taking towards it's outstanding parking tickets.  In a bizarre effort to revitalize its slumping revenue stream, Brookhaven officials are allowing residents to pay just half of the fines they owe.  Councilwoman Jane Bonner calls it a win-win, telling Newsday, "The town gets much-needed revenue and the residents get a break."

NY Lotto to Take a Gamble On Wall Street

While the recent Wall Street free fall has many stuffing their mattresses with cash, the New York Lottery is considering jumping in.  The $1.3 billion fund would be rolled from U.S. treasuries and into stocks, corporate bonds and hedge funds, according to a Bloomberg report .

Valentines Day on the Cheap

Girls everywhere brace yourselves because searches for "cheap jewelry" are "off the charts," according to search engine Yahoo.  Other top Valentines Day searches include cheap flowers, romantic getaways and flowers. Just's supposed to be the thought that counts.

Cuomo: Merrill Execs Secretly Grabbed Big Bucks

In the midst of losing billions, being taken over by Bank of America, and then accepting taxpayer funds Merrill Lynch found time to dole out roughly $3.6 billion in bonuses to it's executives.  In a letter Barney Frank, Chairman of the House Financial Affairs Committee, Andrew Cuomo calls the actions " a surprising fit of corporate irresponsibility," in a letter to the Chairman of the House Financial Services Committee. Just four of Merrill's big wigs netted $121 million dollar. 

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