Calexico Food Cart Extends Her Roots

The Mexican food cart at Wooster and Prince Streets in SoHo known as Calexico Carne Asada is about to throw down some roots in Carroll Gardens/Cobble Hill.

Owned and operated by the three brothers Vendley, the Calexico cart was recently named the best street food in New York City, taking home the valuable-if-you-say-it-is Vendy Award last October.

A Brooklyn Life spotted the new store-front sign at the former Schnack spot on Union Street; a location which was first caught back in September by Lost City.

The pressure is on Calexico to perform, because as ABL confesses, "I've pretty been waiting my whole Brooklyn life (six years and counting) for a decent Mexican place to open up in this 'hood, and I have high hopes for Calexico."

As a fan of the Calexico cart myself, I'd say not to worry. Aside from the standard yet delightful Carne Asada burritos that made the cart city-famous, the store-front operation just might be getting a liquor license to serve "delicious margaritas" with their new liquor license, based on the hopes and dreams of A Brooklyn Life.

But it's safe to say that those hopes and dreams reflect the majority of Carroll Gardens/Cobble Hill residents, as their only (Yelp-reported) option is Mezcal's Mexican Restaurant, which, as one user reports, is "Overpriced shitty Mexican food." With a Vendy Award under their sun-splashed street umbrella, Calexico is guaranteed to be delicious.

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