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Staten Island Family Searches for Dog Missing After House Fire

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Dina Jimenez's family nearly lost everything inside their Staten Island home after a fire broke out last week. To make matters worse, their 7-year-old yorkie-pomeranian mix has gone missing.

The flames destroyed the home last Wednesday and Jimenez's father, a cancer survivor who was the only one inside their New Dorp Beach home at the time, believes Lola the dog ran out after the front door was busted open.

"I stood by the steps with the firemen, and I just kept telling them, the dog is in there. They searched and searched they said no dog in there," Dina Jimenez said.

The family is now desperately searching for the beloved dog and neighbors have come together to help out. Some have reported that they saw a dog that fit Lola's description, but no one has been able to capture her.

Jimenez said she was grateful that the fire spared her parents' lives and she hopes Lola is also OK.

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