NYPD Wrote 736 Tickets in Citywide Speeding Sting

More than 700 drivers were pulled over in New York last weekend during a citywide speeding crackdown, the NYPD says.

The department issued 736 summonses across the five boroughs between Friday and Sunday in an effort to decrease the number of deaths caused by speeding and other traffic violations. The city has seen traffic fatalities drop 30 percent over the last 10 years, but speeding is still the leading contributor to collisions.

The NYPD issued the most summonses in Queens, where officers wrote 266 tickets. The Bronx followed with 213, Brooklyn had 113 and Manhattan had 97. Staten Island had the fewest with 47. 

The fines ranged from $90 to $600, the department said, and carried between three and 11 penalty points. 

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