ATM Skimming-Device Suspects Linked to 21 More Thefts: NYPD

The two men wanted for stealing bank information from ATM customers in Manhattan last fall have now been linked to an additional 21 incidents across the Upper East Side, and police are still looking for the suspects. 

Police first alerted the public about the two men in January: the alleged thieves attached skimming devices to an ATM at a CVS at 420 Fifth Ave. in midtown and a Bank of America at 21 E. 96th St. in Carnegie Hill last fall, then duplicated debit cards to withdraw money from the victims' accounts at banks in Queens, police said. 

The six thefts originally linked to the men took place from October through December, with the stolen amounts ranging from $980 to $1,640. 

Now police say the men are suspected of 21 more skimming-device thefts from last August through December. Several of the victims saw multiple withdrawals from or unauthorized transactions on their accounts.

The withdrawals ranged from $200 to over $1,100. 

The surveillance photos were taken from the Queens banks where the suspects made the withdrawals, police said. 

In Janury, Bank of America told NBC 4 New York it makes sure customers are notified of any unusual activitiy on their accounts. Customers aren't charged if their accounts are stolen, the bank said.

Experts have advised ATM customers to cover the keypad when entering their PIN codes and to jiggle the card reader to make sure there's no skimming device. 

Anyone with information is asked to contact Crime Stoppers at 800-577-TIPS. 

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