Stolen Puppy Needs Special Care, Owner Worries

The owner of Puppy Paradise in Marine Park is worried about the Shih Tzu pup

A Brooklyn pet shop owner is pleading for the safe return of a stolen puppy and says he's worried about the dog's health, claiming it needs special care. 

Security video shows the alleged theft taking place on Tuesday afternoon inside the Puppy Paradise store in Marine Park. Three people appear to be shopping for a pet, and then one of them leaves to apparently distract a store employee.

A second man stands guard while the third snatches a 9-week-old Shih Tzu from its cage and stuffs it into his coat.

"We are absolutely horrified," said store owner David Dietz.

Dietz says the puppy, named Pal, needs special care and is worried he may not survive.

"If you don't feed babies on a regular basis, it knocks off their metabolism levels, it knocks off their sugar levels," he said. "If it goes into hypoglycemic downfall it's a matter of 48 hours before the puppy will die." 

Store employees say Shih Tzus are highly sought after because they can fetch up to $850 each.

Dietz says if Pal comes back, there will be no questions asked.

"I don't want anything to happen to one of my babies," he said.

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