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Buttered Popcorn-Flavor Jelly Beans a Favorite in Tri-State, Survey Says

New Jersey likes black licorice flavaor

A national survey of favorite flavors of jelly bean reveals a lot about the tri-state area's unusual flavor preferences.

Candy Store, an online shop for confectionary treats, conducted the survey of 12,000 people with over ten years of compiled data. According to the company, not only do Americans consume up to 16 billion jelly beans on Easter alone, but state by state, people have wildly different flavor preferences. 

In New York and Connecticut, buttered popcorn took the no. 1 spot, while those in New Jersey preferred black licorice. 

Historically a national favorite, black licorice lost the top spot to buttered popcorn nationwide. 

Other notable favorites include pear, cherry and blueberry flavors. 

Check out each state's favorite flavor below:

Source: 10+ years online candy sales data from

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