“Scariest Bar in Brooklyn” May Become a Hotel

The century-old drinking hole known as "the scariest bar in Brooklyn," the Navy Yard Cocktail Lounge, might soon be checking out; replaced by the likes of yet another boutique hotel.

The property is currently on sale for $3 million, and a broker for the realtors repping the property told the New York Times that there's been "serious interest in replacing the buildings on Washington Avenue."

The bar's been known as a seedy spot for decades, with its everything-but-nude dancers and pool players would would eat you alive. Years ago, the Lounge's owner got in some trouble for some alleged "backroom action," but today claims his bar's reputation "as a den of sin is wildly exaggerated."

If the real estate brokers have their way, that den of sin will very quickly become a palace of virtue, set up to court the film types who frequent Steiner Studios just across the street. But Steve Frankel is none too happy about that eventual possibility, telling the Times, “They’re taking away a piece of history."

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