Neighbors Say They Warned City About Downed Tree

A massive weeping willow crashed to the street in a Bronx neighborhood Monday, and neighbors say they warned the city for weeks that the tree was unstable.

The tree toppled over near the intersection of Radcliff Avenue and Colden Avenue in the Morris Park neighborhood Monday, authorities said. 

100 Year-Old Tree Collapses in Bronx

The tree downed electrical lines and blew the window out of an SUV parked underneath the tree, but no one was injured when the tree fell. 

This all could have been avoided, neighbors said.

"We notified the city and Con Ed a while ago," Al Pappalardi told nbc 4 New York. "They just really didn't take any action. And after that, the tree fell."

Records show that eight 311 calls were made about the tree in the past month. 

A city spokesperson told NBC 4 New York that they were scheduled to prune the tree in 45 days to address structurally weakness in the tree's stem. 

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