Puppies Stolen From Long Island Pet Store

Thieves hid the puppies under their jackets

Two pricey and adorable puppies weighing only about four pounds each were stolen from a Long Island pet store, police said Sunday.

Several people posing as customers at the Pet Company in Massapequa Friday night distracted the clerk while their accomplices hid each puppy under their jackets, officials said.

The thieves stole a white and brown female Chinese Crested worth about $1,235 and a black and white male Cockalier valued at $1,400, police said.

"I can't believe that somebody would have the nerve to steal two little puppies," said Larissa Rios, a store manager.  "It  just sickens me that they got away with it."

Witnesses inside the store, which is in the Sunrise Mall, alerted the clerk but by then the thieves had left.  Mall security saw them driving away from the parking lot minutes later.

Nassau County police released photos of what these breeds look like and asked kennels, veterinarians and the public to be alert if they see similar looking puppies.

The two puppies had just been in the store for about two weeks but their personalities had already emerged, Rios said.

"The Chinese Crested is very shy  and she loves to be cuddled and feel protected," said Rios.  "The Cockalier, the male, is energetic and playful."

The suspects were described as five men and one woman all in their mid twenties and wearing dark colored jackets.

Anyone with information is asked to call Nassau County Crime Stoppers at 1 800 244-TIPS.

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