Plus-Size Model Ashley Graham Unveils Lingerie Line at NY Fashion Week

Ashley Graham is known for breaking the stick-thin standards in fashion -- the size 16 supermodel has been featured on Times Square billboards, she flaunted her curves in the Sports Illustrated swimsuit edition and has given TED Talks on what the phrase "plus-size" means -- and on Tuesday, she burst through another barrier: she unveiled an entire lingerie line featuring models of all shapes and sizes at New York Fashion Week.

Graham strutted the catwalk at the Kia STYLE360 pavilion in Manhattan along with several other "plus-size" models as she unveiled her Black Orchid collection for Canadian retailer Addition Elle. While it wasn't the first time curvier women have been part for the biannual event, it was one of the first major shows featuring mostly so-called "plus-size" models. 

Graham called the show an "amazing experience" in an Instagram post.

"All the girls looked amazing!!!!," she said, adding, "Thank you to everyone who was involved behind stage as well!! We rocked it!!! #IAmSizeSexy"

Before the line was unveiled, Graham, a longtime advocated for positive body images and changing standards in fashion, told Time she "really (wanted) to put some actual thick curves on the runway."

Her collection is expected to be available purchase next month at Addition Elle and Nordstrom in October.

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