Pair of Robbers Want Only iPhones, No BlackBerries

The snobby robbers turn their noses up at phones that aren't the ever-coveted iPhones

A pair of would-be robbers targeting Columbia students in upper Manhattan seem to be rather picky as they prowl.

Twice at 526 114th St., and once at 556 114th St., the suspects demanded the victims hand over their iPhones, police said.

The first victim complied, but the second only had a Droid, according to police. The thieves apparently didn't want a Droid -- so they took cash instead.

The third victim also didn't have an iPhone, but the men allegedly refused to believe her and threw her against a fence to search her.

"I think it speaks to the resale value of an iPhone," one student on the Columbia campus said.

In each case, the suspects got away. Police hope someone will recognize them in a newly released surveillance video.

The frightening encounters may be the talk of the campus, but students said they were caught somewhere between amusement and alarm.

"It's insulting they don't want my BlackBerry," said a female student.

"I don't like mine," said another student. "I'm waiting to get an iPhone myself."

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