Fake Sears Employee Scams TV Shoppers: Cops

Police in a New York community are warning about a con artist who presents himself as a Sears employee offering deals on television sets. 

Exclusive video obtained by NBC 4 New York shows the man in Rockland County convincing customers over the phone to come to Sears for a good deal on a Samsung TV. 

Potential buyers show up, and they're greeted at the car door by the same man who dresses like a Sears employee -- and even has a name tag. 

The scammer takes the money, hands over a fake receipt, walks back into the door and disappears, leaving customers empty-handed.

The scam has been happening at a Sears in Nanuet, with at least five cases reported in Rockland.

Clarkstown police say it's an old ploy rearing its ugly head. The part that remains the same is the phone call: the TV deal and the meeting point always seems to be at a Sears, police said. 

The man strategically covers his face to avoid surveillance cameras -- but Clarkstown police said they know who he is. They've not made an arrest yet because the suspect is part of a team of criminals, and investigators want to arrest the mastermind as well. 

In the meantime, police don't want anyone else to become a victim. 

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