2 Kids Dead, 3 Adults Hurt After Being Hit by Driver Who Blew Through Light in Park Slope: NYPD

What to Know

  • Two children were killed when they were mowed down by a driver going through a red light in Brooklyn Monday, police say
  • Their mothers, one of whom is pregnant, and a 46-year-old man were also hurt; all three are in stable condition
  • Witnesses say they saw the car hit the adults and two children, then accelerate as it dragged a stroller halfway down the block

UPDATE: Tony Award Winning Actress Hurt in Deadly Wreck After Driver Blows Red Light in Brooklyn: Source

Two children were killed, and both of their mothers were injured, when a driver who claimed to have a medical issue gunned through a red light and plowed into the group in Park Slope on Monday afternoon, police say.

A 46-year-old man was also run down by the white Volvo that smashed into the two mothers -- one of whom was pregnant -- and their children at Ninth Street and Fifth Avenue about 1 p.m., according to the police. 

The two children, a 4-year-old girl and a 1-year-old boy, were both pronounced dead at the scene. Their mothers, 34 and 33, respectively, are both in stable condition. The man is also expected to survive.

Surveillance footage from the scene shows a white Volvo stopped at the intersection. Then, the sedan creeps forward, missing pedestrians crossing on the near side of the road and a car that had the right-of-way. Then, it appears to speed up somewhat as it slams into the man, women and children in the crosswalk across the intersection. 

The car dragged the stroller halfway down the block before coming to a stop. 

"It was mayhem. Just crossing the street, everybody yelling," said witness Jennifer Muniz. 

Chopper 4 footage from over the scene shows a white Volvo smashed head-on into a parked car in the opposite direction of traffic, with a crushed stroller laying on the street behind the car. 

"The baby was under the car she was dragging," Muniz said of the 1-year-old boy. "The carriage is still there, I see the car, under there." 

Muniz added, "Everybody started running behind the car. I ran to the baby. You're not supposed to move them. I just put my sweatsuit on them just to stop the bleeding." 

The driver of the Volvo was taken to the hospital; she told police on the scene she had medical issues.

Residents in the area said that this isn't the first deadly crash at the intersection. In 2016, it was the site of a deadly hit-and-run and later that year, a car slammed into a building and injured four people. 

Investigators are looking into a cause of the crash, and no charges have been released.

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