New York

‘Excuse Me': Polite Subway Rider Drags Giant Palm-Looking Tree Through Train

Sometimes palm trees need to take public transport, too.

In this video taken by Johab Lora on the 1 train Wednesday evening, a man is seen riding the subway to 59th Street - Columbus Circle with a large tree.

"Only in #NYC and the @MTA you get to see stuff like this," Lora said when posting it to Twitter.

In the video, the polite tree-traveler is seen saying "excuse me" as he drags the soggy roots of his tree through the train to get out at his stop.

In a moment that could really only be understood in New York, a man's Whole Foods bag gets in the way of the tree on its way out. As you'd expect, the Whole Foods shopper is nonplussed, and appears to immediately go back to reading his copy of the "New York Times."

Just another day in the Big Apple.

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