Terrified Clubgoers Huddle in Pulse Bathroom as Gunman Goes on Rampage, Video Shows

Chilling cellphone video shows terrified club-goers huddled for protection inside a bathroom at the Orlando nightclub where a gunman opened fire over the weekend.

The video was provided to NBC 4 New York by a survivor who was physically unharmed but emotionally traumatized and gives an unprecedented look at the terrifying moments when gunman Omar Mateen opened fire, killing 49 people and injuring scores more. 

A woman grasps a man in her arms, sobbing. Another man stands next to her, trying to calm her, saying "shhh," as the rest of the group huddles in petrified silence. 

The gunman fires shot after shot. Outside Pulse, another video obtained by NBC 4 New York shows the police response as dozens of officers race to the club.

When officers arrive, a gunfight breaks out, and people are rushed outside. 

The parking lot next to Pulse is full of the wounded and the scared. They cry and wail, confused. 

A man is heard speaking frantically in Spanish on his cellphone: "A lot of gunshots here in the nightclub. They're killing us. A lot of gunshots. Help me, please. Call the police." 

That cellphone was shattered in the chaos at the club, the cries for help punctuated by the methodical sound of gunfire. 

Police in SWAT gear move forward, carrying a ladder to get a better view from a nearby roof.

The two club patrons who provided the video to NBC 4 New York said the officers walked them through, explaining they would hear explosions, not to be afraid, and that they want to get inside to Mateen and put an end to the killings. 

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