Ashley Alexandra Dupré Contemplates Career in Journalism


Eliot Spitzer's hooker, Ashley Alexandra Dupré, is in talks for a $2 million reality show with David Krieff, the producer whose past credits include programs that revealed the "human side" of misunderstood personalities like Amy Fisher and Tonya Harding. "She sees herself as a kind of Dr. Phil," Krieff told the Post of Dupré this past weekend. There will also be a book component, he said, adding that in her post-prostitute life Dupré is also weighing a career in lounge singing and, more surprising, journalism. Gawker thinks this idea is "insane." But we think it sounds kind of perfect. Think about it: In this day and age, it never hurts to have a monetary cushion, from your parents or old men you meet on the Internet, whatever. Not that she would need one: Doesn't everyone love a writer with a "platform"? And certainly, people with far shadier pasts have excelled in the field. Just look at ex-crackhead David Carr, the Times columnist whose memoir is on a fast track to Oprahville, or ex-junkie and New York Times best-selling author Seth Mnookin. Or Eric Breindel, the former Post editorial-page editor. As for ex-hookers … well, let's just say that if being a common whore were an impediment to success in journalism, half of the people we know wouldn't have jobs. The difference is, of course, that when journalists have sex with pale, brainy baldies, it's usually for free. Don't know if she'll be able to get around that one.

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