NYC Rules for Dining With Dogs Law Finalized

The New York City Health Department finalized rules for the “dining with dogs’ legislation” Tuesday, and announced that restaurants will not be responsible for checking if dogs are properly vaccinated.

The legislation allows diners to bring dogs into specific outdoor areas of restaurants, while protecting other diners, according to the health department.

It was passed in the fall of 2015, but allowed the city to establish its own rules when implementing the law.

The New York City rules – finalized by the Health Department Tuesday – will not require restaurants to verify that dogs are licensed and vaccinated against rabies.

Instead, eateries that choose to participate in dining with dogs must post a sign to show customers that dogs must be licensed and vaccinated.

“I’m so pleased that the City Department of Health threw dog lovers a bone,” state Rep. Linda B. Rosenthal, who sponsored the legislation, said in a statement.

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