22 Dogs Living in SUV With Veteran Rescued in the Bronx

What to Know

  • A German shepherd and 21 puppies were found living in deplorable conditions in a Mercedes SUV in the Bronx
  • The dogs were living with a veteran who is believed to be mentally ill
  • All of the dogs are expected to survive, but they are in need of homes

A German shepherd and 21 puppies are adjusting to life outside of an SUV after they were rescued this week in the Bronx.

The dogs were found living in a Mercedes belonging to a veteran who is believed to be mentally ill. The woman was living in the car with the dogs.

The conditions they lived in were described as deplorable and, with summer temperatures rising, scorching hot. 

“She had the German shepherd kind of crated really to the back and the rest of them were just loose all over the place,” said Regina Galente of Adore-a-Bullie Rescue.

She said the puppies are frail and small. Some of them fit in the palm of a hand; others are scared to come out in the open.

“One was bleeding out, lethargic and in big trouble,” Galente said.

But the puppies are all alive and growing stronger, watched over by the German shepherd, Bruno.

“Bruno is just awesome. He cried for everyone that we were handling. He was like the papa bear to all of them,” Galente said.

Long Island shelter Bobbi and the Strays agreed to take in half of the dogs. Even officers from the 45th precinct pitched in.

Many officers from the 45th Precinct volunteered their time and resources to help nurse the dogs to health and help place them. It's unlikely the veteran who owned the dogs will face any charges.

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