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Thieves Shoot Cabbie in Face-off Following Bronx Robbery: Police

A taxi driver was shot and injured when he and his passenger confronted a group of thieves in the Bronx, police said.

The face-off followed a robbery on De Lavall Avenue in the Eastchester neighborhood early Monday morning.

Police said a thief snatched a chain off the passenger as he was getting into the cab around 4 a.m. That passenger asked the cabbie to follow the thief.

At some point, the cabbie managed to box in the robber’s getaway car, but as the cabbie and the passenger went to confront the thief, his accomplice got out with a gun and fired two shots, hitting the cabbie.

In a twist, police said the robber and gunman’s getaway car appears to be another taxi cab.

The injured cabbie drove himself to an area hospital, and the thieves slowly drove away from the scene.

Police on Monday were looking for two suspects who they consider armed and dangerous.

The NYPD will try to match spent rounds recovered at the scene to see if the gun used to shoot the cabbie was involved in any other crimes. Police are also looking into surveillance video.

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