11-Year-Old Boy Gives Emotional Advice in the Subway: Reports

A sixth-grader has been calming the nerves of straphangers for weeks at a subway stop in Brooklyn, according to reports.

Ciro Ortiz, 11, was inspired to set up an advice booth at the Bedford L train stop in Williamsburg after being bullied at school.

He charges subway riders $2 for five minutes of what he calls “emotional advice.” He’s been at it every Sunday since October and makes about $50 each day, The New York Post reported.

Ortiz told the Post that dealing with change is the most common problem he sees among the adults he has talked with. He said they look back and think about how much better things used to be.

His advice to them is to accept change.

“It’s going to happen – it’s always going to happen. Life is always changing,” he said.

Those are words of wisdom from a junior counselor in the ephemeral scene of a New York City subway station.

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