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NY Woman Lashes Out After FBI Raids Her Home Looking for Her Most-Wanted Grandfather

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The FBI raided a New York woman's home Tuesday after agents received a tip that her grandfather -- a suspect on their most-wanted list -- was inside.

But he wasn't there, and now his granddaughter says she's furious with the bureau.

The home in Warwick, in Orange County, was raided Tuesday by FBI agents looking for Eugene Palmer. Palmer vanished nearly nine years ago after the fatal shooting of his daughter-in-law, Tammy Palmer, outside her Rockland County home in Stony Point in 2012.

The home belongs to Palmer's granddaughter, Jamie Lynn Rose. Rose vented her frustration on social media, claiming that 40 FBI agents pointed guns at her and her children.

"They were in the tree on my roof, they handcuffed me and my children the (sic) raided my house broke my furniture..they pointed guns at my 7 year old child," Rose said in a Facebook post, adding that she has bruises and is now "scared to open my front door," while her children are traumatized.

"Thanks for wasting my time, traumatizing my children and wasting tax payers money. I literally still feel like I can't breathe. LEAVE MY FAMILY ALONE," she wrote in the post. "My children, my babies were handcuffed like felons and slammed against cars... when does it end? When is enough, enough when will they leave my family alone."

An FBI spokesperson said that the bureau responds to "every lead, call or tip, with all appropriate resources."

Palmer would be 82 years old now.

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