Suffolk County Leads NY State in UFO Sightings: Reports

What to Know

  • Suffolk County leads the state in UFO sightings, with 554 sightings
  • Nassau County is third in the state at 276 sightings
  • Many of the sightings come from the "Great River Triangle"

Long Island is a magnet for UFOs judging by the number of residents who claim to have seen one. 

Suffolk is the number one county in the state for sightings, according to numbers compiled by Newsday from the new book “UFO Sightings Desk Reference.”

There were 554 sightings between 2001 and 2015, according to Newsday. Comparatively, that’s twice as many sightings as Queens and 100 more sightings than Manhattan.

An unusually large number of those reports came from what’s now called the “Great River Triangle,” an area defined by Islip, Oakdale and Great River.

Nassau County ranked third in the state for sightings, with 276.

The number of sightings has been on the rise in both Suffolk and Nassau counties since 2012, Newsday reported.

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